Friday, June 27, 2008

Overheard: Wishes

Well, you turn your back for one minute to do something as unimportant as making dinner for eight people and... you look up to see your three-year-old sitting proudly atop the very tippy-top of your playset! In only his underwear. With a storm brewing over his head. And, after you gasp in horror, instead of getting the three-year-old down, you call out to your husband to get the camera so you can first take a picture. Now that's good parenting!

And, for all the wild and crazy things our kids do, it seems that they are just as often saying wild and crazy things. Here are a few more silly things they have recently said:

Tanner: "Hey, Mom! I found your machine for your wishes!"
Me: "My what?"
Tanner: "Your wishes machine! You know, the thing to open and close your wishes."
Me: (totally stumped) "Uh, I don't really know what you're talking about. Could you show me?"
Tanner: (runs in and holds up an eyelash curler) "See- your eyewish machine!"

(has he really gone his entire little life thinking that eyelashes are eyewishes?!?)

Sydney, trying to put her shoes on by herself holds up a shoe and asks, "Mom, is this shoe for my right foot?" "Yes," I tell her, "Good job! That's your right foot!" "Oh," she says, very knowingly, holding up the other (left) shoe, "So this is the shoe for my wrong foot."

Apparently our air-conditioner is running a little cold because Tanner came in and said, "Mom, I'm so cold! We'd better go to the pool to warm up!"
Me: "I think we're going to skip the pool today. I have a little stomach ache."
Tanner: "Oh, we'd better go to the pool, then. It'll make you feel so much better!"
Me: (guffaw) "I don't think so, buddy. Swimming right now would make me feel worse."
Tanner: "But Dr. Dan told me that when you have a stomach ache you should go swimming to get all better."
Me: "Nice try."

Bailey, playing in the backyard with a pretend lawn mower (which is obviously the most action our lawn has seen in a few weeks) calls out to me:
"Mom! Scooch over! I am trying to move the lawn!"
Me: "You're trying to do what?!?"
Bailey: "I'm trying to move the lawn with my lawn mover. Just like Daddy!"

p.s.- would somebody please email my husband and tell him to move our back lawn? Or perhaps I should just wish it into existence with the help of my eyewish machine?


Judy Ryan said...

Have you ever found an eyelash and made a wish? Is that where he got it?

The picture of him up there with the storm in the background looks so other-worldly, like a combination between an action figure and the cover of one of those bodice-ripper novels. Combine that with my obvious acrophobia and your blog was nothing short of surreal.

SpaceyKasey said...

I ised to love to call and get the latest funny Carterism. I love blogs because now I can log in mist days n get a funny Bastian kidism. Keep em coming.

Poduska Family said...

Tanner looks like some kind of super-hero in that picture. What a fun kid!

Julie Konchar said...

I love that look of quiet no-nonsense-ness. Like, where else would you expect to find me? And yet, there is the slightest little glimmer of joy in that handsome little face. Josie will be very pleased.
I'll be back in a minute, when I check out the SYTYCD blog, because due to our guests last night--I was unable to see the results show!
Back in a flash!

kelly said...

Kel,that's a boy for ya, one time we were at our friends house and caleb did that to their playground, she yells,"Kelly!" i look out (caleb had nylon running pants on) and i said "Caleb don't you dare rip your pants on a screw!" that wasn't what she had in mind when showing me but that's just what boys do! love, kelly

Julie Konchar said...

So that took a little longer than a jiffy.
And on to a new topic:
I am preparing for our ward campout-wuss-out tonight. (I came up with the brilliant idea of going up there for dinner and smores but leaving at bedtime. Thus the wuss.) I was looking around for something suitable to wear and of course came up empty. I settled on some old carpenter denim shorts (carpenter pants contain ZERO stretch, and that had a waistband up past my belly button--this should give you a good guess on the carbon dating of said shorts)(How did we live like this!!!) and realized to my utter horror that my muffin top runneth over. There was no way I was going to button the dang things and even the old "hairband thru the button hole" trick was not enough. And then, a flash of genius! I took a sharp pair of scissors and cut off the waistband! I know, I really outdid myself this time. So now they "sort of" fit, and no longer have the Mom Jeans high waisted business. After that successful negotiation, I turned my attention to my hair. Bleck. I hadn't taken the opportunity for a shower yet today, and there is just no way I am going to shower so I can go sit by a campfire. But what to do with this hair? Baseball cap! I know, that one wasn't exactly a coup like the removal of the offending waistband, but you must realize that I have nearly forgotten all about baseball caps since I was a dance major, lo these many years ago. Haven't worn one since Y2K at least! So now I'm feeling pretty smug about me.
I really think I could have been a pioneer.

Christy Bishop said...

Who the heck is that Dr. Dan know-it-all guy? Your kids rock, I live for hearing their awesome thoughts and ideas! When all else fails, do what Dr. Dan says. Love it!