Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Overheard: funny stuff my kids said this week

So when my kids aren't sticking crayons up their noses and saying, "Hey Mom, look at this!" or slicking back their hair to look like James Bond (or Draco Malfoy, in my opinion) they are saying things that I think are pretty funny. I've been writing these things on the calendar, so I can keep track of when they said these little humorous gems. But it occurred to me to stick it in the blog, too, so that I can torture you with things that I think are hilarious but might only be funny to me because I am the mom. :)

So here goes:

Tanner: "Hey Mom! I'm just like Degio (Diego)- I can count in Spanich: uno, dos, tres, waffle, cinco, tres..."

Quinn: (helping Sydney say the prayer) "Please bless Mommy for her selfless service."

Sydney: "Please bless Mommy and her cell phone service."


Tanner: "Mom, if you say no to me then I am going up to my room madly."


Sydney: (after I told her she couldn't have another popsicle) "But my dad says you can't say "no" to me. My dad said so!"

Me: "How about if I call Daddy and ask him about that?"

Sydney: "No, don't call him!"

Bailey picks up the phone, pushes buttons, and then says dejectedly:
"Oh. It don't understand me. I was tryin' to call Nana Jean. But the silly phone don't understand me!"

Riley saying a prayer: "Stank you (thank you) that we can go to the zoo tomorrow. And stank you that we can have lots of candy." (apparently Riley believes that prayers are kinda like wishing on a star since we had no plans to go to the zoo or eat any candy!)

Let's Hear it for the Boy! ("Little David")

Okay, so I'm the idiot that stayed up until 1 a.m. hitting the redial button on my phone so that I could vote for David Archuletta. Approximately 326 times. Pathetic, I know, but I couldn't help myself. I'm sure my little votes won't sway the competition, but I simply had to do my part. I SO want him to be the next American Idol! And I could list dozens of reasons why I want him to win and why I think he should win, but it mostly boils down to one big thing: I have a "Mommy Crush" on Little David. And, no, I'm not getting all Mrs. Robinson here. It's nothing like that! It's just that he is so adorable and so sweet and so humble that I really want my boys to be just like him and my daughter to marry him. That is a Mommy Crush. And, oh yeah... the voice. Oh, the voice! So you will know to find me tonight glued to the t.v., with high hopes for a happy ending!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Universal Craziness: band trip

5a.m. Saturday morning found me wondering what on earth had possessed me to volunteer as a chaperone for the band field trip to Universal Studios. Sitting on a charter bus full of 7th and 8th grade boys in the pre-dawn hours, with the movie "Transformers" blasting throughout the bus, I thought I had probably made a big mistake. It was a little too much testosterone for my blood.

I must note that, for all my concerns with Carter's band teacher, he does one thing that makes him a pretty smart guy in my book: he completely separates genders on field trips. Therefore, we had a girl bus and we had a boy bus. We had girl chaperones and we had boy chaperones. I had thought I was avoiding a lot of giggling and squealing by being a boy chaperone, but I found that boys have their own foibles.

For one thing, I was shocked by their proclivity and ability to scale up any and all vertical surfaces. I'm not kidding. If there was a wall, divider, statue, or even a person that was standing too still, these boys would run up and attempt to climb up to the very top of said object. Or leap frog over said object (or person.) So mostly my job was to keep these boys from breaking their scrawny little necks.

But I digress. We got to the park and the band performed on Universal Studios main stage in the morning. They sounded terrific, and we were all more than a little impressed to see these kids up there playing and behaving so professionally. Again, my reluctant hat off to the band teacher!

Afterwards, we joined forces with my fellow chaperone and good pal, Corrine, as we spent the rest of the day exploring "Islands of Adventure." Between the two of us we had 9 boys to look after, which at times was no easy feat! (They were all in matching yellow band t-shirts, luckily, which made it a bit easier. But as I was head-counting matching kids, it felt not much different than the head-counting of matching kids I do every day with my little ones!)

We had a fantastic time and I was really glad I went, despite my pre-dawn concerns! We bought "Express Passes" which allowed us to fast pass every ride, so we got to do all the big coasters, which was fun. And we ate at Hard Rock Cafe, wherein I was declared a "cool chaperone" because I passed the boys' music trivia quiz. (I could name 3 "cool bands", I could sing the lyrics to a Blink 182 song, and I knew who the grandfather of punk was.) While glad to be deemed "cool", I was quite disheartened when the boys saw a poster of Bono and said, "Hey, who's the old dude?" That was a dagger to the heart! (Only to be made worse when another boy mentioned that Bon Jovi looks like his plumber. Ouch!)

It was thrilling to be able to keep up with a bunch of rambunctious boys for an entire day! Now if only it didn't take me so long to recover from it! (I'm still exhausted!!!)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our Little Drama Queen

Well it's been a busy weekend! Friday night we attended Taylor's elementary school production of "Snow White." Taylor was one of the seven dwarfs... Sneezy, to be precise. And a more melodramatic sneezer has never been found! Drama is definitely her thing (which suprises nobody, I'm sure.) She did a great job in the play, and we are immensely proud of her hard work (and her uncanny ability to sneeze with gusto, on cue!) They've been working on this play for almost the whole year, and the entire production was fantastic.

But the drama doesn't end here... in two weeks Taylor will be performing in "Oakleaf Idol", the school talent show. I'll be sure to fill you in!

As a postscript, my dad pointed out the irony of Taylor being one of the "dwarfs", since she is the tallest third-grader we know. She must stand a full head taller than all her fellow dwarfs.

Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm Baaaaaaaaack!

Okay, I am painfully aware of how I have shirked my blogger-ly duties over the past month and a half. There are a few very good excuses I could give here, but I will spare you the whole "dog-ate-my-keyboard" nonsense, and jump back in. (With particular thanks to those pals who gently nudged me to get back on the blogging horse. And even thanks to the "post a blog now or I won't be your friend anymore" pals. Tough love... it works!)

I post this blog as explanation: I have lots of past items to cover, so I'm going to back-date some posts. This is tacky, I know, but if I don't do it then certain important events won't find their way to this blog. (namely, the triplets' third birthday.) So scroll down, my friends, if you dare!