Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our Little Drama Queen

Well it's been a busy weekend! Friday night we attended Taylor's elementary school production of "Snow White." Taylor was one of the seven dwarfs... Sneezy, to be precise. And a more melodramatic sneezer has never been found! Drama is definitely her thing (which suprises nobody, I'm sure.) She did a great job in the play, and we are immensely proud of her hard work (and her uncanny ability to sneeze with gusto, on cue!) They've been working on this play for almost the whole year, and the entire production was fantastic.

But the drama doesn't end here... in two weeks Taylor will be performing in "Oakleaf Idol", the school talent show. I'll be sure to fill you in!

As a postscript, my dad pointed out the irony of Taylor being one of the "dwarfs", since she is the tallest third-grader we know. She must stand a full head taller than all her fellow dwarfs.


Julie Konchar said...

Oh how I love that girl! Thanks, Tay, for paving the way for others of your kind--namely Josie. Definately from the same mother ship. Love the costume--especially the beard. Can't wait to hear about Oakleaf Idol.
Auntie Junie

Anonymous said...

Taylor did Awesome!! She is very talented!