Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Overheard: funny stuff my kids said this week

So when my kids aren't sticking crayons up their noses and saying, "Hey Mom, look at this!" or slicking back their hair to look like James Bond (or Draco Malfoy, in my opinion) they are saying things that I think are pretty funny. I've been writing these things on the calendar, so I can keep track of when they said these little humorous gems. But it occurred to me to stick it in the blog, too, so that I can torture you with things that I think are hilarious but might only be funny to me because I am the mom. :)

So here goes:

Tanner: "Hey Mom! I'm just like Degio (Diego)- I can count in Spanich: uno, dos, tres, waffle, cinco, tres..."

Quinn: (helping Sydney say the prayer) "Please bless Mommy for her selfless service."

Sydney: "Please bless Mommy and her cell phone service."


Tanner: "Mom, if you say no to me then I am going up to my room madly."


Sydney: (after I told her she couldn't have another popsicle) "But my dad says you can't say "no" to me. My dad said so!"

Me: "How about if I call Daddy and ask him about that?"

Sydney: "No, don't call him!"

Bailey picks up the phone, pushes buttons, and then says dejectedly:
"Oh. It don't understand me. I was tryin' to call Nana Jean. But the silly phone don't understand me!"

Riley saying a prayer: "Stank you (thank you) that we can go to the zoo tomorrow. And stank you that we can have lots of candy." (apparently Riley believes that prayers are kinda like wishing on a star since we had no plans to go to the zoo or eat any candy!)


Julie Konchar said...

For some reason, leaving all these comments on your posts reminds me of 6th grade and candy grams, from me to you. Apparently I didn't scare you off being my friend then, so I'm willing to bet you are okay with it now.
I say, bring it on! I love hearing the hilarious things your kids say, although I was saddened that Taylor's priceless prayer from yesteryear regarding salmon for dinner didn't make the cut. I know, I know, the theme was "things my kids said this week", but still.

Anonymous said...

How funny and sweet! Shayla keeps praying to have a sleepover with Cinderella! :)

Konchar Family said...

I was going to leave a bunch of song titles relating to being kept waiting, but I realized I didn't know very many songs, if any, related to that topic. Except maybe that Carly song about "Anticipation", which as an added bonus conjures up images of Ketchup for me.
Please write more. Even just pictures with captions would be greatly appreciated.