Tuesday, June 17, 2008

From the Mouths of Babes (Part II)

Quinn here. I loved Kel’s Fathers’ Day entry so much that I wanted more. Here are the fearsome foursome’s uncensored responses to a second round of interviews, this time by Daddy:

Me: What’s Mommy’s favorite color?
Tanner: White
Sydney: Pink and blue
Riley: Black
Bailey: Brown. No! It’s yellow! (correct)

Me: What’s Mommy’s favorite food?
Tanner: Noodles (same answer Bailey gave for me)
Sydney: Bananas (same answer she gave for me)
Riley: Pineapple (same answer she gave for me)
Bailey: Bananas (same answer Sydney gave for me)

Me: How old is Mommy?
Tanner: (shrugs)
Sydney: 2!
Riley: 2
Bailey: (Tentatively holds up 4 fingers)

Me: What does Mommy like to do for fun?
Tanner: Go to a parade (??-we've never been to one)
Sydney: Running
Riley: Play with games
Bailey: Eat gum. She eats it all gone

Me: What’s Mommy’s job?
Tanner: To clean her room and clean the playroom
Sydney: To sleep
Riley: To give some clothes onto you (Daddy)
Bailey: To get a shirt

Me: What does Mommy like to do after you go to bed?
Tanner: Talk to people on the phone
Sydney: Go to sleep
Riley: Go to draw numbers (one of Riley's favorite pasttimes)
Bailey: Put me back in bed when I get out (correct again)

Me: What does Mommy say to you?
Tanner: “No going anywhere unless you tell a grownup!”
Sydney: That she loves me and, “thank you for being such a great helper!”
Riley: “Always I like Riley”
Bailey: “Bailey Boo! Bailey Boo! Ah Silly Silly Boo!”

Me: What’s Mommy’s favorite thing to do with you?
Tanner: Making silly faces
Sydney: Playing and running
Riley: Playing hiding and making some snowmans
Bailey: Play with me, and be mad at Tanner

Me: What’s your favorite thing to do with Mommy?
Tanner: Kissing and hugging
Sydney: Running and playing and taking me to the swimming pool
Riley: Give her some nice treats
Bailey: Play with her, and it’s a very good job for her and me and you!


Julie Konchar said...

Thank you for granting my wish of more kid quotes. A few questions I would like answered from your littles:

Who is the boss?

What does mommy say when the phone rings?

When mommy is asleep upstairs, what do you do?

How does mommy make dinner?

That should give you a few to work on--but don't feel obligated to stick to these questions. And good job Quinn, you are an excellent guest poster! (Now put Kelly back on.)

Julie Konchar said...

And Quinn, I hope you didn't take offense at that last remark--you know what I mean, right?

Kelly, I am determined that our lack of close proximity, coupled with our lack of camping know-how WILL NOT override our abundant lack of sanity (our only saving grace) and keep us from having a go at the great outdoors, schlepping along our numerous children and other what-nots. Because I think if anything, this could be the making of an engaging first chapter of that book we've always threatened we'd write. I'm thinking cabins along the coast of Oregon. What cabins, and how we might reach them, I have no idea. Not yet, that is.

Poduska Family said...

Good job Quinn. Thanks for adding to Kelly's. It is so entertaining!

TNIRYAN said...

Omigosh, Kelly, you got me! I have posted comments on Julie's blog and not yours! In my defense, she commented on mine first, and I'm sure you'll agree that many of her comments demand an answer.

So anyway, I've been away from the computer for a while, and you have been VERY blog-busy, but I read it all. Your kids' funny comments sometimes cause me to look at my kids and ask them why they aren't talking more. Then I remember that that gives me a headache and I forgive them and am contented with my lot.

FYI--I am very surprised that you have not thrown your back out long before now. It has obviously finally gotten fed up with all of the abuse and gone on a well-deserved vacation. My back has not been so patient with me. In fact it used to be a prissy little whiner! I threw it out at 17 while reaching to the back of a lower cupboard at work. It gave me a couple of problems since then, but I gave it a good talking to, and it's been a lot less defiant. So here's to our bad backs and their ability to eventually straighten up and fly right!

TNIRYAN said...

By the way, Kelly. No more comments for you until I see my name on your blog-stalking list. Now YOU are the one who's busted! Nothing shows you care like a good rebuking.

Julie Konchar said...

(Shameless, I admit)

So have you seen your mom's post yet? First, you are going to hate it but even with the metal you are gorgeous so I will only be able to offer you minimal emotional support on this one. Second, hi, YOU LOOK 12! This is before you grew to a statuesque 5 foot 8 (9?) and were roughly the size of that adorable babysitter you had in VA named Shereen? Shaleese? Sharpay? BTW, I was always way jealous of your teeniness. And ankles? To die for!
So smile big, and know you got the last laugh--perfect teeth (and such good hygiene!)

Brittany said...

love the quotes. these are much cuter than " lets drop them off!" - bailey screamed these repeatedly during the car ride home moments after picking trav and I up from the airport. not a good first impression to make.