Friday, June 13, 2008

Overheard: the blind leading the blind

Riley to Tanner after he took a toy away from her:

"No! Tanner, you have to be nice! Jesus says for you to be nice. So give that back or Jesus is gonna zap you." (hmmm... maybe our FHE lesson on Justice and Mercy was a bit too heavy?)

Bailey, hugging me tight as I put her to bed:

"Oh, Mommy! I love you so much too much! (squeeze.) Now go away."

Tanner to me this morning:

"Mom! Your boys are back! You can talk again! The frog went out of your froat and now your boys are back!" (I think he truly envisions my "boys"- ie, voice- battling that mean old frog out of my throat?)

Tanner to Bailey after she grabs his swim trunks to wear:

"No, Bailey! Jesus sent you to earth to be a girl! You can't change your mind!" (this ironic from our boy who was wearing a tutu last week.)

Sydney approaches Grandma during their visit in May after Grandpa was teasing her

"Gwamma- Gwampa said "Pee Pee Spider" to me! Make him stop that out!" (for the record, he said "creepy creepy spider" and she wanted him to cut it out. Grandma is the authority on making Grandpa stop things out.)


Julie Konchar said...

Thank you for providing more manna from heaven--aka--things that come out of the mouthes of your kids! Just do one of these posts a week, with pictures, and I will be a happy camper.

Julie Konchar said...

Don't post this comment--
You are hilarious. I was wondering who would post anonymously on my blog...
I would love to come make you green smoothies! But of course in the interest of fairness, I would also have to make you cookies too. The shakes are awesome. I don't think I'll ever eat fruit again, that hasn't first been pureed into baby food. Today's shake had an apple, plum, baby carrots, blackberries, banana, blueberries and spinach. So much for a rainbow. But do I feel fruitishly superior! (hint: I do)
And you know it was my trip to your house that inshpired all my attempts at taking an interest in housekeeping! Oh bomblike one!

Konchar Family said...

Oh and I forgot, what the heckie is a Magic Bullet? Sounds like a monster enima, but if it were, why would you be so excited about it? Do I need a Magic Bullet? Please advise.

Julie Konchar said...

I love it! Kelly B! Brings me right back to first grade. So I will definitely check out the Magic Bullet. And you posted my "don't post this comment"!
I can see how this is going to go.
I want to go camping just us and our kids. No husbands. Because I really don't like camping and I don't think you do either, so how much fun would that be? Plus, I would then be able to feed my children bona fide crap and not feel bad about it cause, you know, camping! We would probably laugh so hard we would hurt ourselves and then poor Carter would have to take over (his not-so-secret wish, I'm sure) and Taylor could be Julie the cruise director from Love Boat (but let's leave out the cocaine habit, shall we?) and our younger children could just meander around the site, covered in camp filth. It would be a dream come true...

Julie Konchar said...

Oh, and I keep forgetting to mention this, but I figured out who Riley reminds me of: Denise Richards. Looks just like her. But of course the similarities end there. I mean, you don't dress your daughter like a skank, so that is where the comparisons end. But I think everybody needs a Hollywood doppleganger. And Bailey's is NOT Bob Newhart!