Friday, June 20, 2008

Overheard: and the silliness award for the week goes to Bailey!

Me: Hey, Bailey, we're about to have a very special, special Family Home Evening about Faith. Can you go tell that to your sisters?
Bailey: (yelling out, while running to find her sisters) Hey guys! We're havin' BROWNIES!!!!

Me: Bailey, you're so silly! Maybe I should sell you to the circus! Or maybe I should just sell ya to the gypsies!
Bailey: (big grin) Not the circus! Sell me to da gypsies!
Me: Do you even know what gypsies are?
Bailey: Yeah, they're the green teletubbies. (Dipsies) But I don't like dat kind so much. Sell me to the "La La's" instead! (those would be the yellow teletubbies.)

Bailey asks me at least four times a day, and usually following one of her many outfit changes: "Mom, do you think I look like a pretty princess?"

I've been teaching the kids about being "share bears" and "care bears" to each other, and I have been giving out "awards" (a picture of a CareBear on a necklace that they get to wear) to the little kids when they do something particularly sharing or caring. This was working very well at motivating them, and the level of sweetness in the house was down-right sticky for a while. Until Bailey had a realization: Sharing and Caring isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Me: Hey, Bailey! You can't take that away from Riley. Is that being a Share Bear?
Bailey: No. (sigh)
Me: How about you be a Share Bear and give the toy back to her?
Bailey: (about to give the toy back, then hesitating.) Umm, no. I don't think I want to be a Share Bear anymore. It's no fun.
Me: (flabberghasted) But it IS fun to be kind! And you feel so good inside when you share and care!
Bailey: No. I only want the toy. (grab.)


Julie Konchar said...

Okay, so I think Bailey is my new favorite person on the planet (sorry husband, children, bff, other adorable Bastian children, you all understand, don't you?). That girl is too much. Josie was always a really good sharer, because she learned early on the first, the ONLY rule of sharing: MY TURN FIRST. Those little rascals of yours--they are so beguiling!

TNIRYAN said...

Oooh, confounded by the logic of a toddler! The Share Bear strategy has run its course, and now you're stuck in the deserts of Limbo Land until she's old enough to dig a little deeper. I'm stuck there too. I'm waiting for Meriel to find something more motivating than a gummy worm to get her to use the potty.

Poduska Family said...

Does it scare you that she is already this smart?

Judy Ryan said...

If she ever becomes Christ-like, you'll have nothing to write about.

Julie Konchar said...

So I had NO IDEA your family also shopped the Sanger Outlet! We could have gone together! I just remember you had way better clothes and fashion sense than I did (do), and please do not insult me by graciously pretending otherwise! Do you remember stealing my pants (they were my only pair at the time, how I didn't notice that they were gone is pretty unbelievable) and using them as a guide to my size, buying me a new pair? That was a very sweet, charitable thing for a best friend to do. (Although I really don't think you needed to burn the original pair.)

TNIRYAN said...

I think that's your Mom's philosophy about life in general.(baBUM TING!--that's my written impression of the requisite drum roll and cymbal clang that follows every down-right hilarious joke). In answer to your question on my blog--No, you do NOT deserve a Target splurge for making sweet wheat for your children in the morning. You deserve a splurge for eating it (baBUM TING!). J/K it's probably very tasty. By the way, I recently found a girl's toddler shirt on the Target clearance rack that said "TROUBLEMAKER." Of course, I bought it for Meriel. Maybe you need to find one for Bailey.

SpaceyKasey said...

"I want milky. Milk-y, milk-y milk-y." I can just hear her voice in my head and I'm laughing out loud.


Julie Konchar said...

So I just found the Kelly B blog. Why wasn't I notified about this!?! BTW, I love the Kelly B title. Sounds like some cheerful species of bee. The Kelly bee. I would write more in this woefully short comment (by my standards), but I have got cranky toddler yanking my arm! Talk to you in the am.