Monday, November 3, 2008

"Pumpkin Patching"

Yikes! I have lots of catching up to do! I'll start off easy by posting photos from our annual Pumpkin Patch trip last week. All of the kids were so excited to go (except perhaps for Carter, who insisted on wearing his Ipod the whole time to make it "bearable.")
For days, it was all the little kids talked about. Riley kept saying, "When are we going to go Pumpkin Patching? I've been waiting forever!" Unfortunately, we were late in the game this year, so the pickings were rather slim... No matter, we drove a mile down the road and got most of our pumpkins for $3 at WalMart, thus making everyone happy. Even Carter!


Poduska Family said...

The kids are getting so big! And they look so excited about Halloween so they must have Ryan blood running through their veins!

kelly said...

thank you! so fun, i miss those days of taking the kids to the pumpkin patch! that one riley is holding is pretty funky! can't wait for more, Please!

My Five Little Monkeys said...

Love it. And as much as I love Halloween, we haven't had so much as a real pumpkin around these parts in a few years. I guess I'm always too busy to do the pumpkin thing. Plus what a mess! Maybe I'm not quite the Halloween Momma I think I am. The kids are so tall! Even Bailey. I guess "taller" is more accurate for Bailey.

Kim Smith said...

That looks so cute. We miss you guys!!