Saturday, September 13, 2008

Overheard: "You're Very Sneaky, Lauren!"

Driving home from Sam's Club and all hopped up on 32oz Big Gulp sodas, the car was full of six noisy kids and two weary parents. Somehow over the noise, we heard Riley's fluttery little voice: "Hey you guys, you need to be quiet! I can't even hear myself drink!"

I made the mistake of buying a package of chocolate chip cookies and leaving it visible on the counter. It got awfully quiet while I was putting laundry away upstairs, so I crept down and peered into the kitchen where they were all huddled around the box of cookies, fists full. I stood there and just stared at them in their joyful feast until Sydney spotted me. She jumped a foot and then became indignant: "Hey! You sneaked on me! That was a bad choice!"

Along the same lines, Bailey got into a package of chocolate chips on the counter. When spotted, I took them away and put them in a cupboard while she was watching. I then saw the wheels turning in her head as she looked around for a chair and then looked back up to the cupboard with the chocolate in it. Then, ever-so-sweetly, she said, "Mommy, could you please go away now, please?" Like I was born yesterday.

I went to pick up Tanner from his third day at preschool and, with a line of parents behind me and a smiling teacher in front of me, Tanner announced: "Tomorrow is going to be a very special day, Mommy! It's Hoe and Tell!"
"It's, uh, what?" I sputtered.
"Hoe and Tell! And you can come!" he hollered. Hmmm...

I was making dinner when Bailey hollered, "Mom! Come quick! There's a amergency!"
I dropped what I was doing and followed her voice to the bathroom, where she was staring at herself in the mirror.
"What's wrong?" I asked breathlessly.
"Look! There's no flowers on my dress! Hurry- go get some paint!"

Recent excerpts from prayers:

Sydney- "Thank you that we can hop from one foot to another..."
Tanner- "Thank you for the hearts under our skin. And our tentacles." (?)
Riley- "Thank you that I did not get puked on by Sydney or peed on by Bailey cuz then I would be all ruined." (following an outing to Sam's Club that involved both disasters.)


Julie Konchar said...

Yay! More things your kids say/do. It's not fair, you have so many kids there is so much more material to work with. Love that winky photo of Miss Sydney. Is she wearing makeup? I feel old and washed out just looking at her blooming youth. But I have to admit, I don't get the title. Who's Lauren?

TNIRYAN said...

I, of course, am very disturbed to find out that being puked on and peed on ruins a person. Is this true? And if it is, can I ever be whole again? You gotta ask Riley! I have to know!

Kelly B said...

Okay, I feel kinda ridiculous commenting on your comments on my own blog, but I obviously must clarify: Sorry, Irene, but once you are puked and peed on, you are totally ruined. A good, hot shower will help, but unless you have access to a decon chamber, there is still some level of ruination, no matter how hard you scrub. I am, obviously, beyond any hope for wholeness. The world according to Riley. :)

Julie- don't feel like you've lost the bloom of youth; Sydney IS wearing makeup, applied to her by Lauren, our friend who is on a mission now in Brazil. She loved to gussy up the girls! And the title is a little tribute to her because one day, about a year ago, Sydney came running up to Lauren and said (in her little Elmer Fudd voice) "You are very sneaky, Lauren!" It made us laugh, and is now oft quoted around our home.

My Five Little Monkeys said...

Thanks for the clarification. And thank you for totally lying about my "bloom of youth", love you for that.

Kelly B said...

Joonie- This from the girl who is often mistaken as the NANNY?!? You are so bloomin' youthful, it's ridiculous! :) Must be those 5 a.m. swimming marathons. Whatever it is, it just ain't right!

kelly said...

i love your "overheards"!! we made a book when i taught preschool, i hope you are writing them down! and you can always comment on your own blog!
i was also perplexed about the title, thanks for the clarification.
love ya

Bethany said...

Your life is never boring! Thanks for sharing these little moments.

SpaceyKasey said...

I know you probably hear this all the time...You're in such trouble with the triplet espionage plots as the girls get older and older.

"Mom, would you pretty pretty please look at me doing something overly silly so Riley can sneak out and go to the movies?"