Sunday, March 23, 2008

What NOT to do on Easter morning if you hope to make it to church by 9am:

1. Do not hit the snooze button when your alarm goes off at 6:30 am

2. Do not line your children up at the top of the stairs and allow only one of them down at a time so as to video individual reactions to their Easter baskets

3. Do not engage in dispute with your twelve-year-old when he not-so-graciously points out that one of his gifts is designated "ages 5 and up"

4. Do not make each of your six children say "Thank you, Easter Bunny, bawk bawk!" to the video camera, particularly since this little "tradition" doesn't make sense to anybody born after 1975

5. Do not allow your children to eat any of their chocolate candy, lest you waste 10 minutes cleaning the smears off couches and another 15 cleaning smears off little faces.

6. Do not forget where you put the three little pairs of pink tights you bought the night before

7. Do not ask the bigger kids to help dress the little kids in their Easter outfits- the confusion over and resistance toward putting on the aforementioned tights makes the "help" not worth it.

8. Do not allow your toddlers to open the "Aqua Doodles" that the Easter Bunny brought them, or you will never pry them out of their little hands long enought to pull the Easter dresses over their heads

9. Do not waste 20 minutes parting and braiding and tying bows to three little heads of girl hair because it will be completely un-done in 10 minutes anyway

10. Do not insist on taking "just one" good picture of all your children once they are finally dressed in their Easter gear- you will all be crying before it's over


Sarah said...

I only had Parker tearing it up at our early morning egg hunt...the girls marched primly about. I'm going to miss having the enthusiasm of the littles at the holidays!

Rachel said...

They're so beautiful, though, so it must have been worth it! C. and T. are so big. Actually, they're all so big! Thank you Easter bunny(bak bak!)! I was born in '76 and still remember that!

Anonymous said...

Wow, You are amazing! Everyone looks great!

SpaceyKasey said...

Those pics are too cute! You really are amazing. And getting to church on time on Easter Sunday is highly overrated. :)

Carter looks younger to me now that his hair is curly. I think shaggy made him look older, curly makes him look younger. Or is it just that picture?

Anyway, send my love to those older two and thank them for their comments on the BooneBunchBlog.