Friday, March 25, 2011

A Wee Bit Into St. Patrick's Day...

Maybe it's because I'm Irish. Maybe it's because Quinn went to Notre Dame. Maybe it's because I love Lucky Charms & feeding my children all things green one day a year. Or maybe I just have a penchant for green food coloring. Whatever it is, I LOVE St. Patrick's Day!

So when Tanner was asked to build a leprechaun trap for school, we (uh, I mean he) had a great time with it! We tried to outsmart those contrary little leprechauns with a little reverse psychology:

And my little leprechauns were so excited to wake up and find that their own leprechaun traps had been sprung. Somebody tapped on my face at 6 am to tell me: "Mom- I think we caught a leprechaun! And guess what? He totally messed up our rooms! They're a mess!" (Actually, that was because they forgot to pick up their rooms the night before, but we went with it.) And then there were squeals of delight when they discovered the green "pee" (ie, food coloring) in the toilet. "Mom! Mom! That crazy leprechaun used our bathroom and forgot to flush!" They even made us sleep in green pajamas just in case a leprechaun tried to come and pinch us!

Even the dog got into the spirit of the day:

And the big kids? Well, they drew the line at talking in an Irish accent all day (though that didn't stop me!) But they tolerated my silliness, they ate my green eggs and ham for dinner, and they wore green. Carter even announced, "I used Irish Spring soap today especially for you, Mom." What a good lad!


kelly said...

such fun memories for your kids! my mom used to make a big deal out of it too. we had corned beef and cabbage, green koolaid, green snake bread and green popcorn. it was always one of my favorite days!
so i finally got on facebook b/c nikki promised i would see you more and you haven't "accepted my friend request!!" get on it girl!

Casey Gentle said...

That made me miss you even more. How FUN! I bet those squeals of delight are the reasons you go big on the green day. I need to pick it up and start making better traditions. I suck at those. But Kelly, I love the trap, the pictures, the toilet idea, the food...all of it and especially you.

Butler Family said...

how fun!! What a fun mom you are!! Those kids look so happy

Bethany said...

I couldn't get into it this year, and this just made me feel more like a slacker mom.
And the green "pee" in the toilet . . . Ms. Mandy and Ms. Jasmine did it, and Kennedy was too scared to use the bathroom, she peed her pants at school that day (she hasn't peed her pants in years!)

Julie K said...

You are the coolest mom ever! EVAH! And here I didn't even remember St Patty's day this year until the kids were walking out the door. They should trade me in for a new model:)