Sunday, July 12, 2009

Christmas in July-revisited

I didn't send out Christmas cards this year. Sigh. The shame still haunts me- six months later!

It wasn't for lack of trying. We had two "photo shoots" in attempt to get a photo of all eight of us worthy of printing on a card. All the photos were TERRIBLE... until we finally found a fantastic photographer who also happens to be a pal of mine. (Why didn't I think of her sooner?!?) But, every time the scheduled day arrived, it either rained or somebody was sick.
We finally had a great shoot- like 5 days before Christmas. Not in time to send out cards, but at least I kept our yearly Christmas photo tradition alive (much to the chagrin of my husband and children.)
Since my mind is oddly turned to Christmas right now, I thought I'd catch up and post some of these Christmas photos.

As for next year, I was already planning on having Erin take our pictures in September or October- just to be safe. Unfortunately... she moved to Wisconsin. Ugh!


Sarah said...

I remember Julie mentioning you guys were going to Utah. When is that? Have you already gone? We are to be in Zion July 23rd - Aug 3. Any chance you'll be around the same time?

kelly said...

since you didn't get these out this year just use them for next year, how much could they change in a year, no one will ever know! the pictures are awesome, i love the hugging one!!!! i am so glad i got to see them, nikki kept telling me to look on the site but i couldn't find them. any news on utah?

kelly said...

p.s- when i looked again it is so funny, with the hugging one carter is just looking like- OK! the first one is really really good!

Casey Gentle said...

I almost don't know what to do with all these posts!! Yay for Christmas and yay for July! I think you're still holding out from your cruise! :) I'll be expecting a post in Sept for your Feb trip! These kids are ALL so darn cute.

Julie K said...

Oh happy day! I love it when I find a bunch of posts here I haven't read. I love the cows. I love the Christmas pics, I love the gingerbread houses. I'm glad one of us (you) is being a good mommy. I will just have to live through you.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, I would be happy to take the pictures for ya. I am no pro , but I do ave an idea of what I am ding with a camera!!