Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Overheard: Gender Inequality

This is the discussion I just overheard while the kids were watching "Elmo's World":

Bailey: "I don't get it... is Elmo a boy or a girl?"

Sydney: "Well his voice is like a girl, I think."

Riley: "Yeah, and he has eyelashes, so I think he IS a girl."

Tanner: "No, guys, everybody has eyelashes. See, I'm a boy and I even have eyelashes."

(they all stand within inches of Tanner's face and examine his eyelashes.)

Bailey: "You're right! You do!"

Tanner: "Yep. It's how I give butterfly kisses."

Sydney: "So Elmo has eyelashes and is a boy!"

Bailey: "I know! I know! Elmo is a boy and Zoe is a girl."

Tanner: "Yes, you are exactly right."

Me: "I think that's true, guys. Elmo is a boy and Zoe is a girl."

Sydney: "But Ernie is a boy. And Bert is a boy."

Riley: "And Cookie Monster is a boy. And Telly is a boy, I think."

Bailey: "And Grover is a boy. Is Big Bird a boy?"

Tanner: "Yes, he is a little boy."

Riley: "Aren't there any girls on Sesame Street?"

Me: "Well, there's Zoey, and, uh.... uh... Rosita!"

Sydney: "We don't like Rosita."

Bailey: "Yeah, we don't like Rosita."

Tanner: "So look at that... everybody great is boys! Boys rock!"


Erin said...

I'm so glad I was able to share this conversation with you! I just love little ones...they just make it all make sense..well to themselves anyways. Hope you guys are all doing well and taking care of that new little puppy. Hugs to you all.

The Gentles said...

LOL! I love it. I also love that I can hear their different voices in my head! They are so cute.

Julie K said...

I am afraid Tanner is right--Everybody great is boys! I've said it for years. Oh, but some girls are great too, like your girls. I love listening to them figure stuff out.

lorijolley said...

Glad you wrote this down. We were walking down memory lane with the girls the other day, and it is getting harder and harder to remember the cute stuff like this! What a cute conversation, what a memory.

kelly said...

so sad for your triplet GIRLS that everybody cool are boys, they'll think so someday :)
i want more pictures!!!

Carrie said...

Darling - - I can just picture the hand getures etc . . . that would accompany this conversation. Tanner is a lucky boy to have all those cute sisters! I'm with Kelly - - more pictures please.

smith family said...

Garrett and I had this exact conversation before..(.besides the eyelash part) almost to the t!!!
I don't know ...but Garrett banned sesame street! His masculine side was jut uncomfortable with bert and ernie sleeping together. (wink)
Aunty Holly misses you all so much!