Sunday, December 7, 2008

Halloween Pics

Finally... I am posting our Halloween costume pictures. It was a blast-- the kids were SO into it this year! (Even Carter, who took great pains to dress up as the Joker. Take note: I did his Joker makeup while driving to the church party, at night, in the dark. Pretty proud of myself. Perhaps I missed my true calling in life as a makeup artist?!?)

You would think that the costumes require no explanation, but as is our way, there's a story behind each of them. As follows:

Carter- the Joker ("but not the cheesy joker from the other Batmans. The Dark Knight Joker.") He refused to consider the pre-fab Joker costumes found at every costume shop in the city ("too lame") and also refused my creative ideas born of desperation (such as Rit-dying a lab coat purple). Instead, he waited til the last possible second, assuming that I had taken care of it and then wondered why I hadn't gotten him a costume. Hmm... so we improvised with a Dark Knight Joker t-shirt and sloppy makeup.

Taylor- "Mrs. Edward Cullen" (ie- vampire bride, based upon the Twilight book series. A series she has never read, but has heard Quinn, Carter and I talk about at great length.) I bought a fancy makeup kit and Taylor insisted on doing it herself, despite my evident skills. She also wore a nametag that said, "Hello, I'm ... Mrs. Cullen." (It's all in the details, even if nobody else knows what you're talking about, right?)

Tanner- Knight in "Shiny" Armour (who refused to wear his shiny armour for more than 5 seconds, despite major attempts at candy bribery.) At the last moment, he also found last year's costume and decided to be "Mr. Incredible" with very bad teeth. Oooookay....

Sydney, Riley & Bailey- There was never any question that the girls wanted to be Disney princesses, so I was thrilled to find 3 princess costumes at a reasonable price in September. I brought home the Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty costumes, set them out on the couch and hoped the girls would naturally gravitate to the appropriate costume without a fist fight. Bailey staked out Cinderella before the other two could protest, so Sydney grabbed Snow White ("She has bwackish hair just wike me!") which left Sleeping Beauty for Ri. Problem: none of the girls have seen Sleeping Beauty so none of them were interested in being her. "What princess is this?" Riley wanted to know. Thinking quick on my feet, I lied: "Ariel." "But Ariel has flippers!" Riley started to cry. "No, no... this is the dress Ariel wears after she has legs," I insisted, keeping the lie alive. New Problem: Now they ALL wanted the Sleeping Beauty dress because they all wanted to be Ariel With Legs. So there was a scuffle after all. Confouded by the fact that, after one party, the girls found a Belle costume (worn by Taylor when she was 4), and Dictator Bailey determined that Sydney had to be Belle since she looks like Belle, and then Bailey appropriated the Snow White costume. Just like a true tyrant. So, in the end, between all the parties we attended and the trick-or-treating, each girl was at least 2 different princesses. Except Riley, who wasn't about to give up the Ariel With Legs costume.

Keeping with tradition, the Rosses and Williamsons came over and we had dinner and then took the kids trick-or-treating together. Carter and Daniel went together, Kassidy and Taylor went together, and our friends each grabbed a little one, which left Quinn and I trailing along to watch the fun. The little guys dragged whoever was holding their hand from house to house, and we had to laugh at their tirelessness in pursuit of candy. Tanner insisted on saying "Happy Halloween!" to everyone he saw, and Riley shyly told everyone "Stank you" when they gave her candy. We had a great time! Call me ghoulish, but Halloween is my favorite! :)


Sarah said...

Are you purposely keeping Sleeping Beauty from your kids? Are you afraid of Malificent? Cuz I happen to think she is the coolest of the Disney bad girls.

Anonymous said...

Quinn and Kelly,
We've been wondering what our Utah and Indiana friends were up to. Just got back from London and were thinking of you, a quick Google, and here you are. The sight looks delightful. Send us your email so that we can catch up. Travis

Julie K said...

Just this morning--I am not kidding--JUST THIS MORNING I was feeling all put-upon because YOU haven't posted in so very long. And I don't don't even think you properly understand how important these posts are to me. So Happy Happy, Joy Joy when you had a little Christmas wish granted for me this afternoon!
LOVE Carter's costume, especially the makeup. Is it possible that it was even better actualized in a dark car than otherwise? A brilliant timing decision on your part. Mrs. Edward Cullen--absolutely goulishly gorgeous. Wonder where she gets the idea she can do it all by herself?
Tanner--I really did laugh out loud seeing his really bad teeth. Way to take a costume and make it your own, Tanner.
I already knew the story surrounding the girls and their dresses--you are an evil genius liar--I mean creative phraser, and the girls were all so beautiful! I just hope you remembered to say Stank You's to everybody that told you how breathtaking your girls are.

TNIRYAN said...

Ah, Kelly, there you are. Don't be modest about your Joker face-painting job because it looks exactly like the real Joker. I'm pretty sure his make-up artist was constantly running late and had to throw his make-up on in a dark car on the way to the next shoot. That's why it looks the way it does. Then in order to cover up for a tardy makeup artist, everyone decided to act like his makeup was not the huge mess that it was, but was in fact deliberately done. How often have we done that? "Oh, Irene, your hair looks awful!" "Yeah, I know, I totally meant for it to look bad. Isn't it great?!" and "Of course I meant to botch that piano solo. What, you think I would screw up that badly on accident?!"

kelly said...

so happy we're up to halloween:)!!!
the girls are adorable, carter is appropriately creepy and taylor, well i don't think i saw that character in the movie? :) vampire's are subjective huh?
thanks for updating and satifsying my craving for pics of your children.
call me! or text me :)

Bethany said...

Yeah, I was excited this morning to see not one, but two new posts. Happy to read about what's been going on since I rarely see you anymore!

Bethany said...

Yeah! I was so excited to see not one but two posts this morning. It's fun to read what your up to since I rarely see you anymore!
Cute kids!

Rachel said...

Man, I miss you guys so much. I hate it that we live so far away from each other. I love your kids without even really knowing them, and every bit I know makes me love them even more!

Love you!