Tuesday, January 8, 2008


So we have a playhouse in the middle of our family room. Very chic, I know. I am quite sure that the word will spread and soon every fashionable home will follow suit. Playhouses will be the piece de resistance in the Pottery Barn catalogs.

I suppose this new addition to our d├ęcor is very fitting since my little ones call our family “the play room.” Ironic, since we have an actual play room, but it is upstairs and they have jointly decided to abscond upon what should be a nice family room instead. So, what the heck? No amount of classy cubby holes and hip fabric boxes can conceal the fact that my family room, is indeed, a place of play.

This playhouse was a gift from Santa, who spent months searching out the best deals and reading parent toy reviews. He is very savvy, our Santa. The shrieks of delight were heard throughout the neighborhood when the little ones finally saw their fully-constructed playhouse. Not, however, on Christmas day because… unbeknownst to Santa’s elves, this playhouse was a 5 hour construction job. With two people, that is. Guess we shoulda opened up the box and looked at the instructions before Christmas Eve. Luckily for us, the “babies” are still just two, so they were perfectly happy with the miniature kitchen and laundry center that Santa also wisely brought. (Those alone took Quinn 5 hours to put together! And he used to work construction in college!)

A special “thank you” shout-out goes to Uncle Caleb, who helped Quinn put this wretched thing together without complaining even once! (And it really did take 5 hours.) I don’t suppose he knew that his Christmas visit to Florida was going to include this, but he was the best of sports!

So, as if visiting a house full of children and chaos was not enough, we can now offer all of our houseguests unlimited play inside our newly-constructed playhouse, conveniently located in our family/play room. Come one, come all!